Did you know that the very sebum (oil)that our body naturally produces can cause acne?

Did you know that the very sebum (oil)that our body naturally produces can cause acne?


There are many different factors that can affect your skin and cause acne: diet, hormones, stress level etc.  These are all things that are going on internally which can also manifest physically. However we can all take some extra steps to make sure that the skin is taking care of externally to improve the skins condition and appearance.


Which brings me to the different type of oil‘s that are needed for our skin to improve. When talking about different type of oils I am talking about essential fatty acids aka omega-3-6-9 oils. I remember when I was 18, I worked at GNC, I was a sales rep, and I was taught how to market fish oil pills🤣 My selling point was that fish is one of the main sources of Omega 3-6-9, essential fatty acids, which is totally false! Essential fatty acids are also found in plants and plants based oil‘s.


The two most common oil’s that either works in conjunction with or does not do so well with our skin are oleic acids and linoleic acids.


Oleic Acids are good for those who have dry and sensitive skin.

Linoleic Acids are good for those who have acneic skin. Oils high in linoleic acid are great because they help thin out the body’s sebum which will reduce acne.


For Normal Skin, there should be a balance of both type of oils.


Which is why I’ve created 2 glow serums: 1 for Normal/Dry Skin and the other for Combination/Oily Skin. I’ve studied and researched for months to come up with the right formula to ensure that each skin type is taken care of. 

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